The Académie André Marchal

In 1980, the meeting between Denise Limonaire and Jakès Abéberry, at that time director of cultural activities on the Biarritz Town Council, resulted in the foundation, in 1982, of the Académie André Marchal , with the idea  to promulgate the organ and its music, in faithfulness to the memory of the great French organist who died in 1980.

The Académie André Marchal
The first aim of the Academy André Marchal was to organize teaching courses, conducted by former students and disciples of Marchal.
In 1993, in partnership with the Biarritz Town Council and under the presidency of Denise Limonaire, the Académie organised its first Organ Competition in interpretation and improvisation. Thus the “Biarritz International Organ Competition – Prix André Marchal” became a biennial event, and acquired, from the start, a reputation for quality, which has confirmed itself over the years. The jury is composed of eminent organists and musicologists from France and abroad.

André Marchal approached music with sincerity and humility, a rare sensitivity and an acute sense of analysis. The Académie which bears his name strives to further these qualities - which go well beyond the diktats of fashion and schools - and thus, through its various activities, to transmit to future generations the musical heritage of André Marchal.

 André Marchal


André Marchal was born on 6th February 1894 in Paris. He died in St Jean de Luz on 27th August 1980 and is buried in Hendaye.

We cannot list here his innumerable concerts all over the world, whether solo recitals or concerts with orchestra. His series of recitals in the Palais de Chaillot in  Paris, by their scope,  the crowds which attended them and the fervour of the audiences, which have never been equalled in France,  remain one of his most outstanding artistic achievements.

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